1/23/23 The Trojan Horse

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/23/2023

We’re all familiar with the mythological story of the giant wooden horse that was left outside the walls of Troy and mistakenly identified by its citizens as a gift. Totally undiscerning, they brought it inside the city walls, making themselves completely vulnerable to attack. The Greek warriors inside the horse waited for the opportune moment, and then made a beeline for the city gates and opened them to let in the rest of the troops. End result: Troy is overrun and destroyed.

One of the most insidious measures used by the enemy in his attempt to destroy our marriages, wreak havoc in our families, and even weaken our walk with the Lord is busyness. It is a Trojan horse that incessantly tries to creep into our lives, sometimes without notice. It takes diligence and a watchful mentality to catch it before it is able to kill, steal, or destroy.

Urgency, other people’s agendas, job deadlines, church responsibilities, good causes, free time, etc. constantly surround us. All these things can be worthy of our attention, but not at the expense of neglecting our time with the Lord. When we become wrapped up in busyness, we lose our perspective on what really counts the most, and the enemy usually has little trouble defeating us in crucial areas of our lives.

Long ago, a very wise person shared with me that our lives are a series of decisions between the urgent and the important. The urgent looks very much like the important, but may have nothing to do with God’s plan for our lives. The important things are those things God desires us to address. They further the kingdom of God, glorify Jesus, reinforce family values, and undergird children who on their way to living significant lives.

Isn’t it time to become aware of any Trojan horses that have been sent your way to kill, steal, and destroy? Isn’t it time to practice discerning the difference between those things that are important and those things that are simply urgent? Better yet, isn’t it best to spend time with the Lord to know which things He’s asked you to participate in on His behalf?

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Jim Corbett

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