1/21/21 Action or Reaction

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/21/2021

Are you a man of action, or do you find yourself reacting to challenges that could have been avoided if you had engaged sooner? Preemptive prayer is an action that helps to create a smooth path for families to travel.

As I look around, I see so many marriages that appear to be on the verge of failing, or at best, things have dimmed over the years. I see children who’ve been overcome by the world, unaware of the bondage they’re in.  I also see husbands and fathers who’ve either given up long ago or are hopelessly looking for ways to get their families out of the mess they’re in. All they can do is react to the next emergency their family faces. They live the life of a blind guide, putting out fire after fire, while attempting to maintain some semblance of a Christian family.

I also notice the families of a praying husband and father. Sure, they have challenges; but what’s not seen is all of the enemy’s plans that have been destroyed long before they could take effect. What’s not seen is the aggressive posture the man of God has taken on behalf of those he stewards. What’s not seen is the “hands off my family” notice that’s been given to the enemy. What’s not seen is the supernatural hedge built around the family of the mighty man of prayerful action on their behalf. That man is you!

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Jim Corbett

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