1/19/21 You’re Dangerous

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/19/2021

Do you have any idea how important it is for your wife to know you are praying for her? Do you have any idea how much peace your children can have when they know their father is standing in the gap for them as they go about their days? Even if they don’t seem to be aware of your efforts in this arena, God notices and responds.

Holding those you love before the Lord is big stuff to Him. It’s also big stuff for your family because it makes an amazing difference in the spiritual realm where wars are won on their behalf. A father or husband on his knees is dangerous to the enemy who wants to rob and destroy. In his eyes, you’re an unbeatable foe. He has no weapon that can win over you as you submit yourself and your family to God.

As you observe your family in action, ask the Lord how you should pray for each one. Sit quietly and wait for Him to reveal their needs to you. Make it your business to intervene on their behalf. In doing so, you will help turn the tide of any warfare that comes their way. You become dangerous in the spiritual realm. You become a mighty warrior, and God sees you as His mighty man. That’s a really good thing!

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Jim Corbett

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