1/12/21 Thankful

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/12/2021

Men, when was the last time you expressed your gratefulness to your wife? Have you thanked her not only for who she is and what she does, but also because the Lord placed the two of you together? The kindness of thankful words goes a long way in building a solid, prosperous marriage.

If you are like most men, you’ll read the first paragraph, say “oh yeah,” and thank your wife today. That is not enough. As husbands, you and I are to live in thankfulness for our spouses. We are to continually act in an attitude of thankfulness for the mate our Lord has given us. It’s not an option in His eyes; it’s a command.

If your marriage is not a glowing example of the kind of marriage the Lord wants you to present to the world, you might begin to turn things around by asking the Lord to place gratefulness in your heart for your wife. As He does, begin to live a life of thankfulness toward her in words and actions. Under God’s grace, your wife can flourish in knowing you esteem her, and your children and others around you will have a godly example to follow in living out their lives before the world.

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Jim Corbett


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