1/06/21 Request Backup

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/06/2021

When a police officer senses he needs help, he makes a call to his unit to request backup. He’s calling for assistance in a situation where he understands he can’t do it alone.

As a husband and father, have you ever called upon your family and requested backup? Have you ever humbled yourself to the point of allowing them to know you need help from them? Overseeing a family is a gargantuan task if your goal is that they live in an atmosphere where Jesus is Lord. It’s an atmosphere no amount of money or talent can provide. It requires you, as the head, to continually require help from God and your family.

Your wife and children need to understand that you will never succeed if you attempt to achieve that atmosphere by yourself. They need to understand that their part is to pray for you so you can be the man God desires you to be. They need to learn that only with the help of God will you be able to honor Him and serve them properly.

Maybe it’s time for you to have a family meeting so you can humble yourself before your family and ask them to pray for you. Maybe it’s time for them to know you need them to pray that you seek God in all you do in fulfilling your offices of husband and father, and also pray that He will be your source of strength and wisdom. In asking for backup to help you seek God, your family also learns how to ask for backup. It’s a great start to open communication and a big step in family unity - not to mention that it pleases and honors God.

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Jim Corbett

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