1/04/21 The Fight

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/04/2021

Are you fighting for your marriage? Are you standing in the gap for your children as they war with the world and its ways? You should be!

I am privileged to have a wonderful daughter who’s definitely aware of what’s going on around her. She has a heart for the lost and hurting, and notices the desires and mindsets of people, especially those her age. Often she comes to me deeply concerned for her generation. She’s seeing the result of the indoctrination some of them have received over the years, and how they are now exchanging the truth for a lie. Many are lost and terribly confused regarding direction for their lives.

I’m also honored to have been given a calling to work with men and their marriage relationships. It amazes me how much warfare you and I, as husbands and fathers, encounter as we daily endeavor to simply keep our families together, let alone work with them so they can come to enthusiastically serve the Lord.

Make no mistake; we are at war. It may not be visible at times; but be assured that the enemy is waiting at every turn, attempting to control each decision we make and marshaling his forces to win in every challenge we face. He is out to destroy our marriages and make our children numb to the things of God. Fight from your knees!

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Jim Corbett

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