1/03/20 Determined to Take the Time

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/03/2020

With all the demands that are on us as husbands and fathers, the idea of changing our focus to pursue holiness as our priority goal seems impossible. Without a holy heart, however - one that is totally dedicated to making the Lord and His priorities our priorities - there is little hope of overcoming the world and its challenges. There is also little chance of us leading those we steward to spiritually safe places.

In a world that is proclaiming darkness out loud and bent on destroying anything that resembles Christ-like living, our only hope is to dwell in an immovable place in God's presence and power. That can only come from making a determination to pursue His throne-room presence with every fiber of our being. There is no more important task, as formidable as it may seem.

In the soon coming darkness, those who are wise will already have determined to refocus their lives. Because we say that we follow Jesus, we must walk and conduct ourselves as He walked and conducted Himself when He was on this earth. We are to make it our only priority to seek God and His ways. That will require a determination to take the time necessary to find an intimate relationship with the Lord, if we want to overcome the world as He did. In leading a full life, the last thing we want to eliminate is the only source of hope we have. Why have we chosen to do so?

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Jim Corbett

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