The World is Big and God is Small, Right?

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/12/2020

No! No! No! Every facet of today's world is clamoring for you to focus on its next urgent message, whether it be news, pandemic, money, or safety. You name it, and it's calling for your attention. The world and its ways have one agenda - to appear to be bigger and more important than intimacy with God in your eyes.

Don't fall for it. The most important message you can hear in today's world is that Father God is in charge. Nothing else! All that you see, all that is screaming for you to focus on it is dead and dying.

Your place as a believer is on the lap of your Father God as He whispers truth to you. There is no safer place, and no words more important than His words of comfort to your heart. That is the place won for you at the cross. That is the place where you will remember Who God really is and how small the world is. It's time to see things from God's perspective.

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