Stop – Repent – Rejoice

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/21/2020

We, as believers, can find wondrous truth in the fall feasts that the Jewish people celebrate every year. These feasts remind them to examine their lives and become aware of things that call for repentance. Once that repentance takes place, they celebrate and rejoice.

I believe our Lord is truly calling His people to stop and readdress their relationship with Him. We are to see what may be hindering us from the true, intimate relationship He desires with us. Second, as our sins are revealed, our course of action should be to repent of whatever the Holy Spirit exposes in us. After repentance, we can rejoice because of the freedom that comes with repentance and forgiveness. Stop – Repent – Rejoice. A God-ordained, unbeatable formula!


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