7/14/20 Not in Your Own Strength

  • Jim Corbett
  • 07/14/2020

“I know who you are not, and I love you. I see your desire to be like My Son and your struggle to attain that goal. You fret, strive, and worry when I goad you to become more like Him. I see you grieve when you can’t live up to the standards that I have set for you in My Word. When did I ever say that you could accomplish that task in your own strength? When did I ever require you to accomplish what even My law could not do in the most ardent follower? Why would you carry that burden?

"Listen carefully. You must hear this. Stop striving to become better. You must change your ways of achieving My goals or you will soon be overwhelmed if you continue misunderstanding Our relationship. Your job is to submit; My job is to change you. I am raising the standard. I am about to require bride-like devotion from anyone who will be used by Me in the near future. I need a representative people to show the world My Son. Only submissive power will rise above the turmoil. Only Christ-like obedience will bring souls to Me during the soon-approaching great deception.

"How will you ever make it? You will not possess My presence by striving to change what you have not been able to change so far. Stop striving. Stop struggling. Submit to My hand and surrender to My working in you what I need to do. There is no other way. What I require is impossible for you to do. I promise, however, to do it in you and for you. You can be free. Why would you insist on having it your way and continue to fail?”

2 Cor. 3:17 AMP

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (emancipation from bondage, freedom).

Gal. 3:3 AMP

Are you so foolish and so senseless and so silly? Having begun [your new life spiritually] with the [Holy] Spirit, are you now reaching perfection [by dependence] on the flesh?


Our publication, A White Stone, is - among other things - a clarion call to holiness. The main characters set an example of how each of us can prosper during perilous times. After reading it, many people come to me with a renewed enthusiasm to be like one or several of those characters; in essence, to be the kind of representation of Jesus that the character is.

They often tell me of several ways in which they intend to change. If I can’t talk them out of their formula and must let them attempt to change themselves, it is normally just a matter of time before they come back to me - broken, overwhelmed, and very confused - wondering why the Lord did not honor their hearts.

Most of the time, I just take them to the above verses and they get the picture. The Holy Spirit started all of this. He is the one who must be in every equation during the changing process; and He must be allowed a free hand to fully accomplish His will in making you like Jesus. Anything else is simply frustrating, burdensome religion. It is a yoke that is too heavy for any of us to carry.

Understand this. When you break under the weight of attempting to become holy in your own strength, crumple at the feet of Jesus. Repent of your foolishness of attempting to accomplish by yourself what only the Holy Spirit can do. You are needed in the upcoming times. Don’t allow your stubbornness to cause you to be left on the sidelines.

Needing to remember that the Lord authored my faith, and that it’s His job to finish it,

Jim Corbett

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