1/13/21 Prepared for Everything That Comes

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/13/2021

“Will you know how to walk in My light when there is only darkness all around you? If you are hearing My call to press in with Me, the answer is yes! I will protect you. I will be with you. More than that, you will be prepared for everything that comes your way. You see, I am making you into proper warriors who will flood this land with My presence. You will be places of safety for those who are too frightened to think straight. Because of your training now, your thoughts will be My thoughts then. We will move in concert, so you will be unavailable to the terrors that stalk the land. Remember My warriors in My Word.

"Remember how I fought the battles for them. Nothing has changed. I am available to you now, and in the future. Now, somehow, you feel that I am not needed every moment of the day. When everything falls away, you will need Me all the time. I will be there for you. I am your covenant Lord. I will never leave you. I promise.”

Luke 10:19 KJV 

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: nothing shall by any means hurt you.”


Being a Christian is so wonderful, that sometimes all I can do is stop and praise. Think about this. We have the answer to life and death. We have been given all we need to make every proper decision in life. We are friends with our Lord. We have been given freedom, absolute freedom. Should I go on?

Do you know that most people spend more time picking out a new car than they spend determining for sure what happens after they close their eyes for the last time? Isn’t that an astounding truth? The most important decision in everyone’s life - what really is eternal truth - and few understand the impact of that decision well enough to go and find real truth. Pretty incredible.

What is even more incredible is that you and I have found the answer if we believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That belief, and the acceptance of His Lordship, is the answer that the confused world needs. Few are really aware of their need; but none-the-less, they need the answer.

Have you ever thought of what might be one of God’s major requests if He had the need to make one? That may sound like a pretty stupid statement, but have you? Over the years, I’ve tried to find out what it would be. I believe that our Father would desire that everyone who embraces His Son would fully grasp what has been provided for him or her because of the cross, and then walk in it. I think it would be that simple and that complex. Tell me if you’ve come up with something better.

Think of it. If everyone really did that, He would have warriors fully completed in His power and available for His plans. He wouldn’t have to spend the time convincing us that He means what He says. We could all get on with the business of bringing others into the kingdom, and then we could all go home.

Boy! Home sounds really great!

Jim Corbett

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