Don’t Miss It!

  • Jim Corbett
  • 05/15/2020

Being set free is not always the best thing for us, especially during seasons that are meant to carry out God's refining process in His church. If you're one who believes the Lord—not governments or organizations—is in charge and that He's attempting to speak quiet truths to His people, now's the time to function with spiritual wisdom.

God is refining His bride in this season. Leaders and their organizations are fulfilling His plans, not theirs. Having said that, sometimes it is His plan to restrict and confine those who will listen, so that He can speak softly to their hearts.

In a time when God is calling us to intimacy with Him and the practice of resting in His presence, we all need to make sure we only listen to His still, small voice for all of our directions and purposes. Our spiritual lives may depend on it. Let's not get too preoccupied with anything that will cause us to miss it!

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